Napa Valley, the world renowned viticulture area of the United States of America is located in California's Napa County. Today, beyond being recognized as a top wine region in the world, the region is also on top travel agent charts as the most sought after wedding destination. You name the kind of arrangements you want taken care of and the same is handled by professionals in the region. There are exclusive boutiques for the apparel and the local seamstresses are capable of giving you world class designs and patterns even for the flower girls and bride's maids.

There are boutiques run and flaunting the names of some of the world's most famous brands in apparel. You could actually choose Napa Valley, California and then forget about the arrangements you need to be taken care of. There are professional wedding planners that also work out of the region. They handle all local arrangements, leaving you to do nothing but get there, get married and have a blast. These professionals also plan the arrangements, theme, decorations, itinerary and even sightseeing for your guests.

The region is catered to some of the best names in the hospitality industry too. You name the kind of accommodation you are looking for, for yourself as well as for your guests, and Napa Valley, California has it all. There are villas and cottages within the heart of the wine producing region and the locals are always more than willing to lend a helping hand towards making the event a success. Along with this, Napa Valley, California also offers you backdrops that you would otherwise need a fortune to cover all at once.

From mountains to rivulets, to the lush vineyards to even the superb architecture in the region, depending on the venue you choose for the wedding and the theme you select, you can now get any of the reputed local photographers to give you photographs against varied backdrops. The climate of the region and the general appeal in the air makes it a perfect venue for a wedding. There are a number of travel agents around the world that are now offering exclusive Napa Valley, California wedding packages to one of the world's most popular wedding destinations.

These resources work both online as well as offline and you can now make all the arrangements from the comfort of your living room or bed room within a single click. The versatility of the region and that of its people goes beyond cultures and traditional boundaries. The land flaunts a hardy set of people are very warm and hospitable to guests. You could surprise the family and friends by announcing Napa Valley, California as the wedding destination.

There is something for everyone there and the travel agents are equipped to help you gain access to adventure sport venues, wine tasting events and local fetes. Wine and all the glory of nature are yours to make your own and make the wedding an unforgettable affair when you plan it at Napa Valley.